As a priority the main aim of the right to home schooling should be to safeguard and protect the fundamental rights of children. Submission of comments and views from concerned parties.

Since Maria Theresa’s reign, there has been compulsory education in Austria, regulated by law in the general school regulations, from which the parental right to home schooling, which is enshrined in the Austrian constitution; home schooling is a parental right that allows parents to deregister their children from a public school without any conditions or requirements, in order to teach them at home themselves or to enroll them in a private school without public rules. The right to homeschooling is only approved and extended after the pupils obtain positive annual examination results as external pupils in a public school.

On one hand, the largely unrestricted parental right to home schooling opens up enormous creative potential to create new educational opportunities for children. On the other hand, there is a risk of an underestimated number of unrecorded cases of parents misusing home schooling.

It is difficult for those affected to talk about grievances they have experienced in home schooling, because they create a bad image of the nuclear family and because they are embarrassed to talk about them in public if there are educational deficiencies.

However, as former victims of home schooling, we realized that out of false shame to remain silent, further systematic violations of children’s rights were being covered up.

We would like to publish our knowledge and experience and thus ensure that in the future the basic rights of everychild living in Austria and being taught at home by their parents or in a private school without public rights will be secured and protected.

Stephan Flügel

Carpenter & writer

Mag. A Aya Boesch, MA

Special and curative teacher

Psychoanalytical-pedagogical educational consultant