Motives of parents to unsubscribe their children for home schooling

Many parents consider their children for home schooling for different reasons. Idealized motives, where the pursuit of exit scenarios is concerned, but also extreme fanatical religious to anti-state considerations can play a role in this decision.

In principle, it can be assumed that parents who sign their children off from public school to home schooling are convinced that they are doing their children good by doing so. However, the assumption that parents want the best for their children does not automatically mean that it is good for their children’s development and wellbeing.

I would like to enumerate some of the many motives of parents that parent use in order to home school their children:

  • In the case of pre-school children – and especially children with disabilities – parents tend to sign their children for home schooling rather than send them to a pre-school for a year, where they have to change to a „special class“ afterwards anyway.
  • Some parents are forced to cancel their children’s attendance due to the lack of money (punishment for truancy) caused by their children’s chronic refusal to attend school.
  • Pupils who have regular or constant medical and/or nursing needs during class time still pose serious resource problems for schools to meet these needs out of concern for their sick children.
  • Families who are chronically burdened by relatives that they have to nurse  for recognize the advantage of home schooling as a way of being able to coordinate and perform different duties more centrally, i.e. Within their own four walls: in order to relieve the burden, these parents make use of their right to home schooling.
  • An increasing number of parents looking for alternative ways of life and „exit scenarios“. Parents see opportunities and possibilities in home schooling to educate their children differently as a protest against the mainstream education.
  • Parents who suffer from a mental illness and want to protect their children from the “evil world”, which is also represented by the school, for reasons of a divided perception of the world, also sign off their children for home schooling.
  • In order to ensure that their children grow up well protected, the number of parents who decide to teach their children in their own care is increasing.
  • Home schooling is also a welcome right for all those parents who are convinced that children need different learning and experience opportunities from those offered by public schools.
  • Unfortunately, there are also a large number of parents among the parents who decide in favor of home schooling for fundamental socio-critical reasons (see paragraph below). Such parents, often do not agree with certain educational contents in school according to scientific knowledge (sex education, gender equality, evolutionary theory, etc.), and withdraw their children from school to teach them in the future according to their own subjective theories.
  • According to the „position paper on domestic education and on teaching in private schools without public law“ of the office of the ombudsman for children and young persons of Austria, there are a large number of privately taught children who are educated to become extreme religious, esoteric or radical to xenophobic or even anti-state members of a closed social group (see under positions and statements: 05.09.2018 position paper on domestic education status as of 17.08.2019).