As a priority the main aim of the right to home schooling should be to safeguard and protect the fundamental rights of children. Submission of comments and views from concerned parties.

Since Maria Theresa’s reign, there has been compulsory education in Austria, regulated by law in the general school regulations, from which the parental right to home schooling, which is enshrined in the Austrian constitution; home schooling is a parental right that allows parents to deregister their children from a public school without any conditions or […]

Suggestions for the amendment of the law on home schooling

Table of Contents 1       Foreword…- 4 – 2       Introduction…- 6 – 2.1         What violations of children’s rights does the right to home schooling entail from my perspective?… – 7 – 3       The school year 1977/78… – 11 – 3.1         How did I experience the first annual exam at the age of 7 in Neulengbach?… – […]

Up to 20 million euros is saved on education in Austria every year due to home schooling

The fact that about 2000 children are privately taught in Austria every year leads to the conclusion that the Austrian state is saving millions in education. These amounts would be urgently needed to ensure that children’s rights in home education are safe and secure. Since the parental right to home schooling can be used without […]

Dynamics promoting and hindering development through home schooling

For their best possible development, children need an environment that is conducive to their developmental needs. Individual public or private learning support can stabilize mentally and physically severely impaired or sick children and children with emotional needs. In contrast, educational opportunities where parents teach their children at home are, from a developmental psychological point of […]