Homeschooling in the UK increases 40% over three years By Mariam Issimdar BBC News

The number of children being homeschooled has risen by about 40% over three years, the BBC has found. Across the UK 48,000 children were being home-educated in 2016-17, up from about 34,000 in 2014-15. Mental health issues and avoiding exclusion are two reasons parents gave for removing children from classrooms. The government will publish new […]

Provisions for Homeschooling in Canada: Parental Rights and the Role of the State (by Lynn Bosetti, Deani Van Pelt)

ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to provide a descriptive account of the policy and provisions for homeschooling in Canada. Drawing upon existing research, the paper begins by situating homeschooling within the larger educational landscape of Canadian public education, and examines the evolution of homeschooling in this context. The paper highlights the shifting motivation […]