Suggestions for the amendment of the law on home schooling

1      Foreword.. 2 2      Introduction.. 4 2.1       What violations of children’s rights does the right to home schooling entail from my perspective?. 5 3      The school year 1977/78. 9 3.1       How did I experience the first annual exam at the age of 7 in Neulengbach?. 9 3.2       Would the annual exams be carried out in […]

Welsh Government Takes Aim at Homeschooling (by Mike Donnelly • HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)

Families across the United Kingdom enjoy the ability to home educate without undue state intervention—a freedom not found anywhere else in Europe. But for citizens of the country of Wales, this could soon change. Although Wales is part of Great Britain, the English parliament has assigned general responsibility for controlling education to the Welsh National […]

Opinion UK schools UK government’s priorities fail the children who are homeschooled Local authorities police truancy but are reluctant to protect those who fall off the radar (by CAMILLA CAVENDISH, Financial Times)

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Home education policies in Europe Primary and lower secondary education – Study Publication metadata (by Eurydice, EU publications)

This short report provides information on home education polices for primary and lower secondary level of education. It is structured in two parts: a comparative overview followed by national descriptions. The analysis shows that home education at the request of families is possible in a majority of educational systems. In many cases, parents have to […]