How the Austrian legal system encourages the misuse home schooling

An almost unconditional and legally well-protected basic right to home schooling without official requirements except for the annual audit and powerless authorities in case of suspicion of child welfare    endangerment encourage many parents to misuse home schooling. According to the „position paper on home schooling and on teaching at a private school without public rules“ […]

Burdens and disadvantages of children in the school system in connection with home schooling

Despite all the advantages of the well-established Austrian school system, it also has disadvantages which can lead to parents withdrawing their children from schooling as a stopgap measure. The annual external examinations held in public schools also burden these children in several ways. However, in an annual school external exam, which children from home schooling […]

Motives of parents to unsubscribe their children for home schooling

Many parents consider their children for home schooling for different reasons. Idealized motives, where the pursuit of exit scenarios is concerned, but also extreme fanatical religious to anti-state considerations can play a role in this decision. In principle, it can be assumed that parents who sign their children off from public school to home schooling […]

Educating your child at home (by nidirect goverment service Northern Ireland:

Most parents send their child to school but you do have the right to educate your child at home. As a parent, you are legally required to make sure that your child receives a full-time education from age four to 16 normally.Jump to table of contents What’s required of you The facts about home education […]